Created in 2001, under the administration of Mexican President Vicente Fox, Plaza Comunitaria began in the United States through a Memorandum of Understanding between the Mexican and U.S. governments, dated November 10, 2004. Sponsored by the Mexican Instituto Nacional para la Educación de los Adultos, Plaza Comunitaria serves as a transitional program into English and Adult Basic Education classes and establishes an academic foundation for Spanish-speaking immigrants.

This program assists participants to continue and complete their education in their native language, and to study subjects at the elementary, secondary, and high school levels. Created as a response to community needs, Plaza Comunitaria, addresses educational challenges stemming from the immigration trends of the last twenty years. During the last few decades, many Latinos have had to flee their countries because of civil war, civil strife, or economic reasons; and therefore, have been unable to finish school.
CABE is proud to be in partnership with Plaza Comunitaria and to support to the ongoing adult education and literacy of Spanish-speaking immigrants. The program includes the following services:

  • Basic education (literacy, primary and secondary) for youth and adults in educational remediation, both in classrooms and online with goal of faciliating participants in beginning and finishing their studies.
  • Access to new information and communication technologies for the development of reading , writing, communication, logical reasoning, and the information needed for participants to find employment.
  • User support in activities related to computer use, Internet, interactive CDs and email.
  • Support for communities by providing meeting space for educational, recreational and cultural events, according to local interests and needs.
  • Provision of permanent venues where applicants can take printed and online exams and obtain certification of primary and secondary studies