The CABE 2-INSPIRE Program works with parents to increase their knowledge about schooling to ensure that parents have vital information about high quality educational options for their children (especially those traditionally underserved and/or attending Program Improvement schools). The Project 2-INSPIRE curriculum informs parents of their role in their children’s education, works with parents so they learn how to work with the information acquired and develops parent leadership skills to ensure their participation and collaboration as part of the school community.

All three levels of the program share the same objective and goal: To increase parental engagement in their child’s learning at home, school, and/or community; and thereby increase their child's academic achievement. However, each of the levels differs markedly in their approach, strategies, methods, activities, and outcomes for parents and their children.
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1Level 1 - Awareness Level
12 modules - Available to all schools and districts

This level has strong coverage of basic content and skill development delivered through traditional presenter-centered workshop format. The outcome is increased parent knowledge.
2Level 2 - Mastery Level
12 modules - Available to schools and districts participating in the research study

This participant-centered intensive training is provided at the school with on-going follow-up coaching and mentoring to accomplish two things: First, to help parents, teachers and administrators from the same school apply what they are learning to develop and implement individual action plans; and second, to help parents, teachers, and administrators in the same school develop the skills needed to work together as an effective Family-School-Community collaboration team (Action Team for Partnerships). The school collaboration team will use what they are learning to design, implement, evaluate, and revise not only their school’s parent involvement policies and parent involvement compact, but all components of their School’s Single Plan for Student Achievement. All of these efforts are clearly linked to specific student academic performance standards.
3Level 3 - Expert Level
16 modules - Available to schools and districts participating in the research study

Trainer of Trainers, builds upon the knowledge and skills developed in Level 2 training in two ways: more in–depth coverage of the topics and issues covered; and, development of specific leadership skills, e.g., outreach, group process and facilitation skills to work with diverse communities, as well as how to engage diverse communities in a collaborative strategic planning process for providing children with quality teaching and learning at home, school, and community. This level provides parents with optimal on-going coaching and feedback as well as opportunities to “practice” teaching of the program modules to other parents.
4Level 3 - Trainer of Trainers
16 modules

This training will increase the capacity of districts/schools to outreach and engage parents meaningfully with a program that has attained a high level of success in schools throughout California.

Many districts/schools have parent liaisons or other staff that work directly with parents and who would benefit from having additional expertise and materials for engaging parents.

    • Community Learning Theory Overview
    • Background on Parent Involvement Research
    • Facilitation and Presentation Tips
    • Extensive training on our 12 curriculum modules

    • Reach diverse background, non-English speaking parents with materials in their language (Spanish, Russian and Mandarin Chinese available).
    • Help parents guide their children's school success
    • Improve test results in low-performing schools
    • Equip school staff members to engage parents and boost student achievement
    • Create active, involved parent committees
    • Strengthen families and the community