Customized Transformative Professional Learning Services

Bring CABE’s Linguistically and Culturally Sustaining Trainings to your Site or District

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The Power of Transformative Professional Learning

At CABE, we believe that access to high quality comprehensive and differentiated professional learning is the fundamental right of educators working with multilingual and multicultural learners. Transforming inequitable systems requires that educators acquire the skills to affirm and expand the cultural, linguistic, and academic assets of our diverse learning communities. We strive to support educators in realizing their full potential as reflective instructional leaders and advocates of educational equity for all. Let CABE become part of your transformational journey!

Building Reflective and Collaborative
Learning Communities

Our professional learning specialists will engage educators and leaders in critical reflection, discourse, and redesign of current instructional systems to better serve all multilingual learners. Educators will gain new evidence-based strategies through our training, coaching, and consulting options while also reflecting and redefining their own beliefs, attitudes, and identities as multilingual advocates. Our offerings include services to build and support emerging dual language programs, existing dual language programs, English language development programs, and more. Sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of various educational partners.
ELD Teacher
  • Current and Prospect ELD/DL Teachers

  • ELD/DL Professional Developers and Trainers

  • Coaches

  • Administrators

  • Support Staff

  • Paraeducators

  • Pre-service Educators

  • University Professors

  • County Staff

    We understand that in education, time is one of our most invaluable resources. Our goal is to maximize the learning experience by providing professional learning services that are sustained, job-embedded, data-driven, and classroom focused, so that both educators and students can thrive. Our sessions can be presented in-person and online to accommodate educators’ busy work lives.

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    Benefits of Customized Transformative
    Professional Learning

    PLS teacher
    • Schedule sessions year round and based on your availability
    • Schedule evenings and Saturday sessions (based on availability)
    • Select your mode of delivery (in-person, online, asynchronous)
    • Select your preferred language of instruction (English or Spanish)
    • Tailor your sessions to specific grade levels or audiences
    • Customize the topic and goals of your presentation (based on availability)
    • Secure dedicated time with one of CABE’s experts in multilingual and multicultural instruction
    • Add multiple sessions or presenters
    • Customize sessions to align to your district’s curriculum resources
    • Select specific coaching practices such as instructional rounds, lesson planning, curriculum mapping, lesson demonstrations, etc.
    • "Differentiating between Designated and Integrated ELD makes more sense now. As a team, we can better plan and prepare for ELD instruction." -LV
    • "Excellent presentation… I 💯 didn’t want to be here because I’m on vacation mode. I’m 💯 glad I did." -MG
    • "Thank you very much for providing these opportunities for DL teachers. The presenters are experienced, professional and very much in tune with the multicultural communities that they serve. I felt valued and understood." -MRR
    • "I love this experience. We are learning so much AND writing our DI Master Plan. I would not change anything about the presentation and how the presenter is guiding us through this. She is a wonderful resource!" -SM
    • "Thank you for offering resources, and even a document to take personal notes. This is the first training where presenters and attendees stayed in the target language." -WS
    • "I loved it. By far the most useful PD I have attended. Specifically for Bilingual teachers, I feel we don't have as many resources out there. Thank you for doing this." -JV
    • "All of the presenters today were very strong and knew their info. I really enjoyed the modeling that was done today, this was a valuable part of today's training." -DB